Youth workers’ Job-shadowing in Poland and Latvia


Duration : 14 days job-shadowing program for 2 youth workers from Georgia in Latvian and Polish rural youth organizations.

Programme offered a reciprocal opportunity for practical learning experience, intercultural dialogue, and exchange good practice in order to:

  • gain insight into day-to-day activities of the hosting organization
  • learn about youth community work practices and projects in the hosting community
  • develop contacts that may facilitate strategic cooperation with the hosting organization and public authorities in the partner country

Job shadowing will mix 3 main types of job shadowing: observation, regular briefings and hands-on. This way will give us possibility be flexible, consider participants’ learning possibilities and needs.

Activities will include: attending meetings, watching interactions with beneficiaries, participation in specific activities over a period of time which are all preceded by amini brief and follow up debrief, undertaking some of the tasks they have observed.

The detailed agenda will be prepared in cooperation with our partners and well-balanced with rich thematic content and numerous of interesting and interactive methods of NFL. We also consider information learning in context of job-shadowing as very important tool for reaching learning objectives.