School for youth workers


School for youth workers from Samegrelo region in west Georgia is a long-time learning course for young activists and youth leaders/youth workers from target municipalities of Samegrelo region.

The aim of this activity is to develop the set of skills and increase knowledge of youth workers in methods of NFL (Non-Formal Learning), to equip them with competences and relevant experience for active work with young people from rural area through NFE (Non-Formal Education). Participants (30 persons) will attend 3 training courses (TC), which duration of each is 5 working days. During each training participants will receive practical task according module of TC to realize them in their own organizations/communities. Experienced trainers and consultants will prepare content and support participants on stage of implementation. Certificate of Completion will be given to participants who will be take part in all trainings and successfully fulfil tasks.



From the 9th to the 14th of April, 24 young persons selected for participation in Youth workers schools took participation in the first training “Introduction in Youth work”. Experienced trainers from Youth workers Association of Georgia introduced newcomers in main principles of youth work, practices and approaches that can made work with youth more effective and attractive. Participants got information about basic youth workers’ skills, analyze own learning needs and start to work on personal development plans.

After intensive 5 training days future youth workers have 1.5 months to answer on new challenges in their communities.