The project “Reinforcing of rural youth work in Georgia through cooperation with the European Union” is aimed on empowering rural youth workers and rural organizations. Support and capacity building of this target groups will develop main transversal skills and practical entrepreneur experience of rural youth. Main long-term impact of project will connect with personal development of youth from rural are, rising of youth participation in social, economical, democratic life and development of rural region.

The aim of the project is to promote the active participation of young people from rural area in social life and economic development of local communities through capacity building of community based on youth organization.

Specific Objectives:

  • Increased professional development of 60 youth workers and young leaders that are equipped with knowledge, key competences and tools related to work with rural youth, management of youth organization and partnership building.
  • Enhancer the innovative capacity of 20 youth organizations in rural regions of Georgia, Latvia and Poland.
  • Increased transnational cooperation, exchange of good practices and capacity building between youth workers, NGOs and different institutions active in youth work and development field from Georgia, Latvia and Poland


Dates and duration of the project: 30 Dec 2018 – 30 Apr 2020, 16 months