Association “Merkuri” works in Samegrelo Region in west Georgia since 2007

The mission : the assistance in development of civil society

The aims of organization:

  • Supporting the development of Civil society in Georgia
  • Action aimed at resolving conflicts through Peaceful means
  • The introduction of educational initiatives in Georgia, working with international and local youth programme.
  • support the young people’s physical, spiritual and educational development and to develop educational initiatives in the field of civil society,

Target-groups: women, youth, Represented by the local or ID women and children.

One of the direction of our work is to develop democratic values in youth generation and support civil society. For this, we make opportunities for young generation to make them involve in decision making processes and to make them more active, we make trainings and workshops to improve the quality of education in youth generation, because we recognized that without education nobody will be able to be a good citizen.


HumanDoc Foundation was established in 2010.

Its main areas of work contain promoting knowledge about developing countries through means like media, art, new technologies, and educational activities; introducing new solutions for the support of social development. Foundation specialises in the issues connected with the availability of culture for disabled people and promoting Polish cultural heritage abroad.

Using our international experience, we cooperate with schools to support them in multicultural education. We also help the school communities which consist of  children coming from many different countries. Team of HD are professionals who not only have  deep expertise but also years of experience thanks to working in particular regions. Both in Poland and abroad, HD conducts  projects which introduce innovative systemic solutions in social politics among post-Soviet countries. Years of experience and practice are exceptionally useful in consultations and analyses as well as media consulting. This gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with entities interested in studies, analyses and expertise regarding social politics as well as economics. We cooperate with clients such as NGO’s, diplomats, private companies and TV channels.

We achieve our goals by organising cultural and educational events (festivals, meetings, workshops), supporting media projects and initiatives (documentaries, Tv and press reports, social campaigns, photo essays, radio broadcasts, social advertisements), conducting CSR actions in co-operation with private partners as well as through media consulting.  HD regularly cooperates  with Polish and foreign organisations of public administration such as: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Polish Senate, Polish Film Institute, European Commission Agency in Poland and Polish embassies.


Organization “Solis Tuvak” was founded in 2009.

As being socially active organization we have participated in all activities which happened in the municipality:  future game, game “Get informed about us” etc. In year 2010 there were several charity and social projects developed: Health day, Activity days for children and charity campaigns. From 2011 till 2017 activity weeks and camps are organized for more than 800 children.Organization works close with Kekava municipality and has signed cooperation agreement.

In 2010 organization was financed by State Education Development Agency (in Latvian VIAA) in a LLP Leonardo da Vinci mobility project “Exchange of experience to create career guidance centre in Kekava”. We are member of LAPAS, LPIA, “Daugavkrasts” and Ķekavasnovadafonds.

From 2013 we have participated in many international youth project.

Since  2015 we hosted EVS from different countries.

In 2016 there was project “Cooper Active II” for capacity building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia. We were one of the partners and did two national training for youth leaders in Latvia as well round table about recognition of key competences acquired during informal training. We organized 2 youth exchange projects  (SMARTT and HANDiCRAFTs).

In 2017 we worked for project “I can do it” about integration in job market people with special needs and organized 2 youth exchange projects (Cesis by hike and ENTREPREDREAMship).

Main beneficiaries of our organization are youth living in rural areas in Kekava municipality.